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Why Futureproof?: Services

How it works: You call me, we have a good chat, and get to know each other a little to see if we can work together. If we both think there is a good fit and you are happy to proceed I send you an invoice and we get started.

The day

One day fully focused,  non-stop investigation (9 am to when we stop). Areas covered but not limited to:


  • Five year business growth plan

  • Which clients we need to win to create the growth

  • Developing and upselling to existing clients

  • Finessing the sales pipeline to ensure we target the right clients

  • Clear messaging to define why a client would choose you

  • Online marketing plan to build brand recognition

  • Marketing structures required for different levels of client

Phase One: 

You send me

  • List of key competitors in your market. 

  • URLs of all company online assets

  • Pdfs of all offline marketing materials currently used and historical if relevant

  • Word docs of all sales contracts 

  • Anything else you believe relevant (turnover, sales sheets, access to your CRM, business plan etc)


We book a day at least a week ahead of receiving all content so I can look through all the materials and links and understand your current position in your market and if I can see some quick wins. We also define a primary, secondary, and tertiary list of objectives to ensure we get the most from the day, time permitting. (we usually get through all three lists).

Phase Two: 

Phase Three:

Post the day

I write up a report covering everything we discussed during the day, main points of focus, agreed plans of action and add any further thoughts or ideas that come after our meeting. Between us we review the plan and next steps defined.


I record a video of you telling everyone how brilliant and invaluable the process is.

Plus travel costs if outside of London




Julia Feuell, Founder and Managing Director OTT

If you are fed up with listening to the same old marketing bollocks, not sure who to trust anymore, have consistently spent good money after bad maybe we should have an initial no strings chat to see if I can be of any help?

A few of my success stories are:

1.     Construction company who followed these rules moved from £1.8 million turnover to £4.2 million projected within first year.

2.     Technology company who listened grew from £1.8 million turnover to £5 million turnover within two years.

3.     Start-up food industry company who worked to these rules went from £0 to £650,000 turnover within first year.

4.     Technology company who used these ideas at an exhibition won £500,000 new business.

5.     A Leisure company received over 300,000 pre order units upon entrance to European market.

6.     New energy company who decided that this was a good way forward generated over £36 million new business enquiries.

7.     Law firm who followed my advice grew from 7 to 34 practising solicitors in three years.

8.     A culture consultancy where I spotted a gap in the market won consultancy of the year after two years.



A business needs to understand what targets should be focused on to help them grow, is their message standing out in the market and is it what the market wants, what is working and what isn't, are their marketing and sales team aligned, where is the profit and not the turnover.


These and a plethora of other questions need answering which will (when answered) provide a clear understanding and clarity to what next and help provide a defined growth strategy to the business owner.


This can be done quickly (I wont say painlessly) and should provide a five year structured view and a 12 month targeted plan so that a focused 'company' direction is created. It should show up all your flaws, what is actually possible and what isn't and help you potentially double year on year as mine does. Big statement? Fact. Just listen to my testimonials


You see what business owners typically fail to understand is that marketing initiatives are paid for out of profit. They are bottom line expenses and therefore MUST return more than they cost. If they don't my advice always is just stop doing them.

I’m straight talking, always tell the truth as I see it, swear (I’m passionate) but always and I mean always it is with my clients best interest at heart. I tend to work best with business owners who want honest advice, appreciate that over 20 years of experience of marketing and sales has a value, and are willing to go through the pain to achieve their goals to implement the plan 'we' define. 


I say 'we' as the business owner will always know their business and market better than I ever will but in my opinion (and my clients) I know marketing and sales better than they do. I have built many businesses through my process (see some of my success storiesand therefore work 'with' the business owner/s not 'for' them to create a plan both the business and I feel is achievable. 

If straight talking, focused business sales and marketing advice that comes with no frills, no bullshit and no garnish is something you think you would be interested in (even to just get an outside opinion) then maybe lets jump on a no obligation call and see if I can help.


Thanks for submitting!

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